1- Wage Slavery/ Zeitgeist Addendum

I tried fleeing the plantation, so to speak. Only to be captured again, by ill-planned or poorly-funded attempts at liberation. As bad as I wanted to escape the rigid constraints of the wretched corporate lifestyle, I couldn't seem to find an appropriate route.  That was 2009 (a mere months after entering the entry-level work force). 

All my life in grade school I said " I can't wait until I'm done with school, grown up and can do what I want!". Then I went to college. I'd have to say that so far, that was arguably the most fun time of my artistic career. Learning technical aspects of visual art, understanding color theory and typography, drugs. You know, college stuff. But during my experience I had my first contact with consciousness. I watched a film called, Zeitgeist Addendum (which everyone should watch). Encountering the information I obtained (plus Pink Floyd) changed my view of the world, and what it ought to be, forever. I yearned to use my artistic abilities to spread the word.

Fast forward to life, post diploma. My new and refreshing views of the world didn't do me many favors when trying to submit to the banal minutiae of the corporate lifestyle. In fact, it kind of did the opposite. I felt so knowledgable and rich in information. "Fucking, government isn't going to control my life.". lol  Ironically, understanding the flaws in how the economy functions doesn't often magically improve your shitty financial situation, FYI. 

I wasn't at my full potential. Adhering to dress codes, being told  when and what to think, how to manage MY time. On top of that, making someone else's pockets fat! I'm a tool someone else's success, but not my own.  Like my mother before me, in true cyclical nature, I will be unable to give my future children access as well.  As a 29 year old art school graduate I found myself asking questions,  again. "How can I inspire others to seek freedom and also obtain my own?"

Make it your goal to flee the plantation and never go back.