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Incident at a Kentucky Mcdonald's Is beyond belief!

Is anyone aware of the case where some guy called a McDonalds in Kentucky, pretending to be a police officer? If you haven't here is an incredibly brief rundown:

Guy calls McDonald's and claims to be a cop.  

He proceeds to tell the manager that he received information that one of the employees (whom he doesn't even know the name of)  has stole money from a customer.

The manager then proceeds to bring the employee to the backroom to question her,  while still on the phone with the "officer".

Eventually, it gets to the point where this man who is clearly not a police officer, convinces this genius manager to strip search this young female employee. 

It doesn't stop there. This goes on for several hours to the point where this employee suffers physical and sexual assault. I go on to use this as an example of the incompetence of the miseducation system. Would this have happened if we were taught to think critically and have a sovereign mind?