9- Let's Do It Like the Discovery Channel

Nature has a plan. A sequence that’s been flawlessly designed like a complex machine. From the most massive celestial bodies and all the way down to the tiniest molecules. Everything moves in a predictable and seemingly pre programmed manner, including people. We live in such a modern world, it’s easy to forget we’re just simple creatures with complex toys. Unlike our sophisticated technology, we are still a slave to our animal like biology in many ways. When we get hungry, we eat. When we get tired we sleep. And when we get in that special sexy mood, we have sex. Eh, not necessarily.

The modern world made rules for some of the things that come naturally to us. We are going to talk about how powerful the human desire to procreate is and the lengths some people will go in order to combat this desire.

The world is such a terrible place, but can free love, free us all? . Let’s talk about sex in today’s taboo episode of , Straight Outta’ Plantation